Huy H. Nguyen is a Saigon based furniture designer. He focuses on the design and development of furniture, as well as product, lighting and interior design project. Informed by a passion for the material and processes, he is committed to delivering to an appropriate and functional solution with a simple and direct design language.

Huy has a BA in interior design, he gained his furniture design skill when he works at District Eight, with outcomes ranging from a prize-winning expanding table to the best selling item – SALK desk. Recently he has been working for Curator9102 – a new design firm creates a product line truly made in Vietnam that meets the world’s quality, functionality and aesthetics.

In these past four years, he gets some awards about furniture design and four exhibition – three in Vietnam International Furniture Fair (VIFA 2013, 2015, 2018), one in International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS 2016).

Other than designing, he also enjoys interdisciplinary cross field design, hoping it might become an interpersonal bridge to create a better society.

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In 1989, Snøhetta received its first commission to re-conceive the great Alexandria Library in Egypt after winning an international design competition. This was followed a decade later by another competition-winning proposal for the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. 

In 2004, Snøhetta was commissioned to build the only cultural building on the World Trade Center Memorial site, and a permanent office was then set up in New York. In 2013, following the commission to design the new SFMOMA Expansion, Snøhetta launched its San Francisco studio.

Today, we continue to grow around the world with offices in Innsbruck, Paris, Hong Kong and Adelaide.

A definite relationship between multiple disciplines is a driving force in all of Snøhetta’s work. This is demonstrated through the company’s long history, where landscape and architecture work together without division, from the earliest stage possible. 

We place experience at the center of our design process, for a design that engages the senses and physicality of the body while fostering social interaction. This allows our design to promote both individual and collective empowerment in the communities where work.

Snøhetta is currently involved in numerous projects in Europe, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. Working globally gives each designer valuable cultural and economic insight and creates the foundation of Snøhetta’s continuously evolving professional knowledge base.

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