“At present, I’m working in Ho Chi Minh City and have rented a depart­ment to stay. The biggest obsession of the tenants like me is called “moving”. Every time when it happens, it takes a lot of time and effort of mine to sort and pack stuff. In addition, I have to ask for help with the large-sized and heavy items. Therefore, the cost of moving house is always increasing. For that reason, I have an idea to create a product that can assemble quickly and neatly (Flat-pack design). I named that product under the code “S001” “.

The first product of the HUYS001 is a stool. This stool will be a part of the collection, including stools, bar stools, and tables. The original shape looks quite simple with face and legs which can be separated according to each different component to pack and move as gently as possible.

The most difficult job when designing this product is to solve the problem of the joints, in order to detach quickly but still guarantee to withstand the force of the user. Also, the next problem is finding a manufacturer who has capable of creating products with high precision as in the original design.

“The first launched product has chairs made from steel plate and legs from Ashwood. In the next period, with a desire to lighten products, lower production costs and construct in a short time, I think of using aluminum sheet materials, plywood and use CNC machines which have 3D model.”

The HUYS001 is for interior use. Target users are the young custom­ers or those who have displaced frequently.

Construction Unit: Lavanto