Thiên Ấn – Yên Tử

Việt collection that combines modern forms with Vietnamese traditional handcraft skills. The language of the collection, though embracing simplicity and lightness of form, suggests a nostalgia for the Indochine period once left the influence on my culture. 

I journey through untrodden tracks in northern of Vietnam seeking traditional village crafts so as to understand, learn and eventually, develop contemporary designs that promote our Asian heritage, aesthetics and lifestyle. Though this, I hope to educate the values and beauty of craft making and at the same time, provide exposure of different cultures and way of life for us. 


Virtually all our products are made by hand. That takes place in Vietnam, a country with a centuries-old knowledge of craft techniques, as well as typically Asian traditions and customs. That requires respect, understanding and patience. We work intensively with honest and personal partners that often have small businesses and believe in our vision: to conquer the world with traditionally produce. Our point of departure is to develop long-term relationships based on equality and trust. We have earned that trust gradually. By making significant investments in training, knowledge and quality, we now work exclusively with a core group of loyal partners. 

One of our production sites is in the Chương Mỹ village in Vietnam. The artisans are provided with the weaving material at a central point in one of the villages far beyond the large city. Most artisans earn a living in the rice fields in the country, or around the small farms with their cattle, poultry and fruit cultivation. They live in one house with their children, parents and grandparents. Once they have finished work in the fields, the mothers and grandmothers weave the baskets. When the baskets are finished, they are taken back to the village. There the baskets are inspected, cleaned and finished at a central site. They are then transported to the central warehouse in the city, where they are packed and shipped to the export market.

We have a great corporate and social responsibility towards our craftspeople and we guarantee that each product is ethically produced: no child labour – on the contrary, we are involved in the education of our workers’ children. No mass production in factories, but small-scale projects with long-term personal partnerships.

3D Printed Model


With thanks to the team at Curator9102.All products are a development with skilled professionals from all aspects of the business and their supply chain.