Quai Thao

Crafting Futures supports the future of craft around the globe. This British Council programme strengthens economic, social and cultural development through learning and access. Crafting Futures’ projects support practices and people, through research, collaboration and education.


We journey through untrodden tracks in northern Vietnam seeking traditional village crafts so as to understand, learn and eventually, develop contemporary designs that promote our Asian heritage, aesthetics and lifestyle. Though this, we hope to educate the values and beauty of craft making and at the same time, provide exposure to different cultures and way of life for us.


Crafting Futures endeavors to be a sustainable social design project. This project searches for the roots of traditional Asian craft that is fast losing its popularity and documents ours expedition and interaction in the village, with the people and their crafts. we hope to promote and sustain these crafts by applying them to newly developed products that are of relevance to today’s contemporary living.
Though this programme, we have the opportunity to learn and acquire these skills to develop the new and contemporary object typology within its local context.
My inspiration comes from Vietnamese traditional hat

 Bamboo natural colour

Bamboo with indigo dyed colour
Rattan weaving, natural colour